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Ice Cold Eucalyptus Towels In Minutes

What Our Customers Think

Best New Treatment!

"These towels are super nice on a hot day. It’s a bonus too that they also smell amazing and open up my sinuses. Pro tip: wringing out the towels well will make it easier to use right out of the freezer. 10/10"

Olivia D. US

Perfect on hot days

"They are super refreshing after a workout and when it gets hot outside. Highly recommend!"

Evelyn S. US

Very cool product!

"Shipping was fast! Made the cold towels right away and my apartment smelled amazing. Towels were easy to pull out and bring in my gym bag. Excited to use these in the summer when it gets hot!"

James O. US

About Founder

Hi! My name is Ted Edman, founder of Frozent Towels. Throughout my life physical fitness has always been important to me. Playing high level soccer, skiing and ice hockey in my teenage years, competition was always my favorite aspect of sports. After graduating for San Diego State with a Business Degree, I found myself wanting to get back into shape and try different aspects of physical fitness from normal gym training, rock climbing, surfing, golf and much more.

Frozent towels is a luxurious treatment after competing in physical fitness. It is a 0 calorie reward that changes your mindset as you proceed with activities after exercise. My goal with the towels is to help promote sense of community specific fitness groups and to challenge individuals to try new things. I believe every human needs healthy challenges and competitiveness to work harder and achieve more.

About Us

Frozent Towels was founded in 2022 in order to provide a luxurious service to any household. The company was based on providing premium products and service in all aspects of the business. In order to ensure the business was held to this standard, Towel basket container are manufactured in the United States in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our premium essential oils are sourced and manufactured within the United States.


In 2020 the world was faced with a global pandemic which changed how we lived our everyday lives. We lived in fear of each other, political tension was at an all time high and all sports/activities were shut down. Our goal with Frozent Towels is to get people active, learn to relax and learn to appreciate the little things in life, such as a Frozent towel.


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