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How To Make Cold Eucalyptus Towels- Easy Guide

Jan 09, 2023

How To Make Cold Eucalyptus Towels- Easy Guide

Ever tried to make cold towels? While it may seem easy at first it is not as easy in practice.

First, getting the right towels can be tricky. The towels should be 12' x 12' and should be think but not bulky. Especially the edges should be thin to make it easy to roll the towels evenly.

Next you will need a bowl and some sort of container to store the towels in. Also a lid is nice to keep the eucalyptus in the towels and out of your freezer/refrigerator. 

I know this seems like a lot of work. Luckily, we have made an easy bundle that includes everything you need to create perfect towels every time. Our patent pending basket keeps the towels separate to avoid freezing together.

Frozent Instructions

1. Fill the outer container to premeasured line
2. Add 20-30 drops of frozent essential oils and stir.
3. Dip each towel and roll up neatly. Then stick into our towel basket.
4. Once all towels are in the basket, empty any extra water and insert towel basket into container and cover with lid.
5. Finally place container into freezer/refrigerator to enjoy in a few hours.

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