Become a Studio Partner

Wow your clients with luxurious ice cold scented towels!

The towels can be made in minutes by staff and with quality is ensured every time! Facilities and business' save when purchasing bundles and extra towels in bulk.

Perks to being a Studio Partner

- Save up to 50% with Studio Pricing
- Exclusive access to first inventory
- Customer logo Kits and Towels
- Direct sales communication

Available in San Diego Only: Frozent Towel service including drop off, washing and towel rolling/freezing

Fitness Facilities

Nothing shows athletes that you are a premium facility than a ice cold towels ready right after their hard workout.

Spas and Suana's

Most spas offer cold towels to their clients during their sauna or treatment but these towels are hard to make and even harder to store. Our towels provide consistent quality and ease of use for your staff.


The perfect five star treatement to give customers while using sun beds or when they check in at the hotel on a hot day.