Eucalyptus Cooling Towels

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Eucalyptus Cooling Towels

Eucalyptus Cooling Towels

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Product Description

Introducing our Cold Eucalyptus Towel Kit: the ultimate solution for staying cool, refreshed, and revitalized during the scorching summer months or after an intense sports session. This meticulously curated kit includes nine premium towels, a bottle of soothing eucalyptus oil, and a convenient storage bin that easily fits in your freezer.

Cool Down Quickly Anywhere
Reduces Muscle Pain and Soreness
✅ Respiratory Support
✅ Boosts Mental Clarity

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Cool Down Lavishly

Your post workout routine is about change for the better! Cooling down with Frozent Towels is a luxurious treatment to make all the hard work with it. The infused scents also boosts your well-being and confidence for the rest of you day.

Durable and Efficient Storage

The Frozent bundle was designed to create as many towels as possible but fit well in an everyday freezer. The main basket has nine slots to fit towels but enough clearance that removing the towels is a breeze. The outer container features a pre-measured line for the perfect dilution of oils. Outer container and snug lid will keep oil scents out of your freezer while also perfect to transport your bundle in a bag or cooler.

Luxurious Cotton Towels

Our cotton hand towels are sized perfectly to fit within our kit and also long enough to cool down specific body areas such as you neck and arms. The quality towels are machine washable for many uses.

Safe Essential Oils

Frozent towels also provide steam distilled essential oils in a variety of scents. All Frozent scents are leaping bunny certified. Essential oils are physically known to help your respiratory system and support aching muscles and joints. Essential oils also help mentally with its calming properties and boost mental focus.





Frozent Towels FAQs

How big is the container?

7.5in X 7.5in X 7.5in it was designed to fit into your every day freezer without taking up too much space.

How long do the towels stay cold for?

Like anything, this depends on multiple factors such as the surrounding environment’s temperature, how much water is used when freezing, where you are keeping it but in a car or backpack they can last anywhere from an hour to two hours before they are no longer frozen/cold.

Are the towels hard to make?

Each kit will include picture instructions but it takes less than 5 minutes to prep and make the towels.

Are the towels reusable?

Yes, our towels are 100% cotton and should be washed and reused.

What are the ways that people can use this towels?

They are a nice treat to use after working out.They are an easy way to practice self care and elevate your spa day.They can cool you down during a hot flash.They can act like a personal wet wipe and replace the sweat smell with the smell of eucalyptus.

How many towels does the included essential oils make?

Depending on how much oil you add to the solution, one essential oil bottle makes between 100-150 frozen towels.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Karin Anell
Amazing for Hot Days!

Very nice kit that has everything you need. Towels are easy to pull out when frozen and bring to sports

Kush Kapila
Awesome Product

I absolutely love this product. Such a simple product but well engineered and easy to use. My wife and I love ending our workouts with these towels!

Perfect on hot days

These towels are super nice on a hot day. It’s a bonus too that they also smell amazing and open up my sinuses. Pro tip: wringing out the towels well will make it easier to use right out of the freezer. 10/10

Tammy Longcor
Best idea ever !

My gym sells something similar in the vending machine....the quality of these Frozent Towels blows that other kind out of the water !! These are LUX and smell yummy too ♡

Josh Stevens
Very cool product!

Shipping was fast! Made the cold towels right away and my apartment smelled amazing. Towels were easy to pull out and bring in my gym bag. Excited to use these in the summer when it gets hot!